I Love September!

I always feel like the month of September is when things settle in and become more routine, as far as school is concerned. The kiddos know where they are going and what they should be doing by now (hopefully) and the teachers are learning the classes general “personality” to move forward in the planning of this year.

So if the kids and the teachers know what they are doing, what about US? The Parents?

When my oldest began Kindergarten, I didn’t know what  to do with my new daytime freedom, I only work nights. Lunch dates were scheduled with old friends and shopping was done without dragging my little one along. It was awesome! I even got a massage and a manicure now and again. Things are busier now though. My oldest is in Thurgood Middle School and I don’t seem to have as much time between drop off and pick up now, especially with car-circle craziness!

So I feel I need to make a “school checklist” for the month of September and stay organized. Mine looks like this;

  • Bring in unwanted clothes, shoes and backpacks to put in the Go Green recycling bins on campus either in the courtyard or in car circle
  • Bring in BOX TOPS that were collected over the summer (deadline is October 15th!)
  • Classroom Wish List Items/Forgotten School Supplies, both schools
  • Lunch Money account paid up, for both schools
  • Sign Up to be a Volunteer at the Middle School
  • PTA membership (it’s only $5.00 at Perkins, it’s $8 at Thurgood)
  • Adopt-A-Class (I can give a little more since Bella is in Middle School now)
  • Fall Fundraiser ends 9/30 (I only have one kid here at Perkins now! Yay it’s only $35)
  • Spanish Donation ($10)
  • Do we need new Perkins Shirts ($10) or PME Swag?
  • Check the school website, the PTA Blog😉 and Facebook pages (update mine and watch the schools) for upcoming events/happenings to stay in the loop.
  • Makes sure I can log into Class Dojo as well (this is a BIG new way to communicate with the school/parents!)

Seriously my list is a lot longer but you get the idea 🙂 Do you have a checklist? You should!

I know there’s school pictures coming up 9/1 and a PTA General Meeting 9/6 with Level II Fingerprinting. Here’s the link for that,


Sign Up Genius is how we sign up for all PTA volunteer positions throughout the year here at Perkins. The teachers use it for class parties and events as well. Please log in and become familiar with it!  The first Teachers & Staff Luncheon is sponsored by 5th Grade parents and is on September 8th. All 5th grade parents should be getting the Sign Up Genius link emailed to them, if not, please make sure your email address is correct with the school. Here’s the link for the 5th Grade Sponsored Luncheon just in case,


I hope everyone was able to attend Open House this last Tuesday, despite the insane weather! We sold a bunch of t-shirts, met a lot of new parents and answered PTA related questions. It was really great meeting all of you!

Open House

PTA will have a table out a Open House tonight, Tuesday August 23rd, from 5pm until 7:45pm. We will have Perkins School shirts available for purchase, child and adult sizes are available for $10. We can collect any PTA Membership forms, Adopt a Class forms or Fall Fundraiser donations at that time as well. The fundraiser closes on September 30th.

Our first General Meeting will be on Tuesday September 6th at 6pm in the Media Center at Perkins. EZ Fingerprint Company will be there to help interested volunteers sign up for Level II. You may also Sign Up via this link;


We will see you tonight!


Welcome (back?) to Perkins!

I hope everyone has had a great summer vacation! Time to get back to learning🙂

Our fantastic teachers and staff have started preparing for the arrival of our kiddos on Wednesday, August 10th. They had their PTA sponsored “Back to School Breakfast” that was catered by Chouinard Catering. The food was fantastic and everyone seemed happy, refreshed and ready to start another great year at Perkins.

I saw a few new faces on campus today and I’m excited to meet the new staff members.

PTA is already gearing up for the first few days of school. We will be out front, by the office at a table with Perkins School Spirit Shirts at drop off and dismissal the 10th-12th and again the following week, August 15th-19th. Become a member of the PTA and help us make the school a better place (if that’s possible! It’s so great already haha) Stop by and say Hello, introduce yourself. We love meeting new parents!

The first event for us this year is the Fall Fundraiser. Information will be sent home the first day, in the big envelope, with all the other school papers. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a monetary donation towards the school. We ask, if possible, for a one time $35 donation per child or if you have multiple students at Perkins, a one time $50 family donation. We accept cash or check made out to Perkins PTA. I can accept credit card payments but only by appointment in the office. Thanks in advance for your participation in our fundraiser!

Our Fall Festival is scheduled for Saturday October 15th. Mark your calendars so that you can be part of a great Perkins event!

We will see you soon🙂


Before the End of the Year…

Box Top collection sheets went home today! Please gather up your remaining Box Tops and send in your Labels for Education (in a plastic sandwich bag) before the end of the year. These will be submitted and the funds raised will go straight to the school🙂

The last PTA Sponsored Teachers and Staff Luncheon was a great success! Thank you Frank Edgar, owner of Creative Catering and a Perkins parent, for the fantastic food. All the teachers and staff were saying how great it was for the rest of the day!  We look forward to working with Creative Catering next year for our Jazz It Up event.

Thanks again for a great year! We are already prepping for next year😉



MAY is the busiest month!

The “End of Year Activities” are here and there’s so much to do! If this is your first year at Perkins, you may feel overwhelmed by performances and things going on but it’s always so much fun ending the year with a BANG🙂 Soon enough it will be summer and the kids (and parents) can take a break and relax.

At our last PTA meeting of the year, the current board was elected to serve another term. The 2016/2017 PTA Board Members are as follows;

President – Colleen Hulse

Vice President – Barbara Rauch

Treasurer – Delora Croteau

Secretary – Erin Cadman

On behalf of the Board, we are happy to be able to support and enhance the school again next year. It’s a Jazz It Up year and there’s a lot to do! We are ready for the challenge.

Our last Teachers and Staff luncheon will be Thursday, May 19th and it is sponsored by the PTA. It’s such a great way to show them how much we appreciate them for another year of a solid, though always fun, education and helping our kids make their way towards a brighter future. Thank you to all the teachers for caring so much about our kiddos!

Box Tops are currently being counted. The last round up, ever because they are phasing out the program unfortunately, of “Labels for Education” are being collected before the end of the year. Please turn those into the teacher and continue to collect Box Tops throughout the summer. We will have a Box Top contest at the beginning of the next school year.

Please remember that if you are going through old clothes and buying new through the summer, the Go Green Recycling clothing bins are available for drop off and it benefits the school and others. Always a good choice for donations.

Be sure to check the calendar and Perkins website for all the dates and times for the end of year activities. There are multiple performances and shows before June 7th! Don’t miss out on your child’s achievements and accomplishments this year, they’ve worked hard on them. Let them know how proud you are of them, simple praise goes a long way🙂

Thanks again for a great school year! Have a fantastic and safe summer, we will be seeing you again soon…


So LUCKY to be at Perkins!

The month of March is here, its definitely going to be a busy one!

First of all, we wanted to say THANK YOU to all those that participated in the Spring PTA Fundraiser. We made a profit of $5000.00! Winners of the TOYS R US gift cards will be announced Friday during morning announcements. Those parents will be emailed because those gift cards WILL BE going home with your children, please make sure you confirm (text me at 727-804-4607 or email me at dcroteau79@gmail.com) they made it home in those backpacks. I wouldn’t want $225 worth of gift cards to end up missing!!!

We heard positive and negative things about this type of fundraiser from teachers and parents and your opinion is important to us! We may be sending out a survey via email to get some good feedback. If we ever had to do this second fundraiser again in the future, we want to hear from you.

We usually are closer to our goal with the monetary fundraiser at the beginning of the year so we haven’t had to resort to a 2nd fundraiser in a long time. Unfortunately, out of 560 students, we only had 190 total students accounted for, that their families were able to contribute to the monetary fundraiser at the beginning of the year. If everyone was able to donate just $35.00, we would have almost $20,000.00! Our goal next year is to reach that number and be able to continue providing the school and your children with a educationally enriched and fun atmosphere. It’s the PTAs responsibility to help the teachers with classroom costs and needed items, care for our bunnies and the Rabbitat and help fund the supply closet and technology needs. That’s along with fun things for the kids like bounce houses for reading challenges, honors breakfast and end of the year activities. We want to be able to do all these things, we need your HELP to make it happen!

First and Second Grade combined sponsored Teachers Luncheon is March 17th! It’s on St Patty’s Day🙂 the theme is GREEN of course. Sign Up genius emails will be sent on March 10th to all First and Second Grade families. Please help us let the teachers and staff (of 100 people) know how much we appreciate them by providing something for the luncheon.

March is our GO GREEN Recycling Clothing and Shoe Drive month! During your spring cleaning, make sure you toss those bags (any bag will do) of old clothes, shoes, purses, backpacks and any textiles into the donation clothing bins at the school. There’s one in the car circle and one inside the courtyard. It goes to a good cause and helps “de-clutter” your house!

BOX TOPS & Labels for Education need to be collected this month!

Did you know that after 42 years, Labels for Education is shutting down their program??? They are taking submissions only until the end of this school year. They are giving everyone 500 bonus points with each submission and we want to go out with a BANG🙂 So contact everyone you know, call Grandma and tell her you need her labels!!

BOX TOPS are sticking around for awhile so make sure you’re collecting those as well. We made $1000.00 through BOX TOPS at the beginning of the year, let’s do it again! Collection sheets will be sent home. PLEASE read the directions on the sheets for an easier submission of Box Tops by our volunteers. Thanks in advance for all your help!

We hope everyone has a great Spring Break🙂



Happy February!

Perkins PTA needed to have another Fundraiser to meet the budget goals this year and we are going to try something new. We have decided on the SaveAround+Enjoy the City Coupon Book. It is diverse and seems to appeal to a lot of people. It literally pays for itself with the first few uses! The unique thing about this company is that your relatives out of state could get one for their local area, just as easy as you getting one for St Pete/Tampa. All information will go home this coming Monday! This fundraiser will run from February 8th until February 22nd.

Please check your child’s backpack for the information. PLEASE NOTE that ALL books MUST be returned to the school at the end of the fundraiser, even if you are buying one book. All orders will be fulfilled at the end of the fundraiser. There are incentives, such as sell 5 books and get yours for FREE and prizes for the top sellers of the school. Thanks in advance for your participation in this new fundraiser!

We are coming up on the busy time of year here at Perkins! Make sure to check the schools website and calendar for important events/times from here on out!