What a Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had safe and Happy Holidays over the break. Now it’s time to get down to business for the new year! We have a busy (behind the scenes) couple months ahead.

The first thing we have coming up is the 2nd Grade Sponsored Teacher and Staff Luncheon this next Thursday, January 12th. The theme is “Farm to Table” and we are encouraging parents to visit local markets and businesses to provide our teachers and staff with some healthy fresh fare ūüôā Here’s the link below, if you are a 2nd Grade parent and have not received an email,


Our big “Jazz It Up” event is coming up soon and there’s a lot to do!

SAVE THE DATE –¬†Saturday April 1st, 2017 at the Gulfport Casino from 6-10:00pm.

This ADULT ONLY event has a cash Bar, full Dinner, Live Music and a massive Silent Auction followed by a Live Auction featuring your classroom projects. You wont want to miss this fun night out!

We are currently gathering up items and certificates for the silent auction portion of the event. In the past few years, we have had anywhere between 100-200 items up for auction – and that doesn’t include the LIVE auction art pieces and furniture that has been created by your children and their classrooms. That’s a lot of things to bid on.¬†If you or anyone you know, has their own business or service that you think may benefit our event, please let us know! We love seeing the variety of things that are gathered every other year.

If you’re a creative person that wants to head up the classroom Jazz It Up project, please contact your teacher to coordinate. If you need some ideas, here are just a few pictures of past projects…


Ahhh November, I love you so…

What can I say? I’ve missed you ūüėČ

It’s finally cooling down and the Holidays are right around the corner. I don’t know about you but the only thing I’m not happily looking forward to is that darn Elf! haha I’m already stressing about her return. I can’t help but love the look of wonder in my little ones face though. It’s pure magic.

I encourage everyone to be thankful this time of year for what you do have. Whatever you have¬†that holds dear to your hearts, cherish it. I know I will try and show more love to those around me, near and far. Perkins is such a loving school, I’m truly thankful to be a part of it. I know you are too.

Just a few updates on the PTA so you can go about your day ūüôā

Due to some late submissions for Box Tops that I was able to get organized and postmarked before Nov 1st, our total amount we will be receiving back is around $1,100.00! That’s an exciting number for the first collection of the year. Please continue to save and we will be having another contest in March 2017. Mrs. Timson’s class won a popcorn or popsicle party for collecting the most Box Tops this time around!

Please remember that no amount of Box Tops should be refused at Perkins. You can hand in ONE single Box Top on a collection sheet, if that is all you have. Every single one counts as $.10 for our school, as long as it’s not expired! No one from Perkins should be refusing acceptance of those sheets until full. If this happens, please submit the Box Tops in the front office safe. I will gladly accept any that come our way ūüôā

Thank you to the great parents that donated food, time and money towards the Third Grade Sponsored Luncheon this last Thursday, you know who you are ūüôā we appreciate you!

Next month’s Teacher and Staff luncheon, on December 8th¬†is PTA Sponsored. I’m happy to say that Carmelita’s will be catering this luncheon! Perkins and Carmelita’s have an old friendship, as the owner’s Grandkids used to attend Perkins.¬†Love that place and family ‚̧

Although it’s a quiet time of year for PTA, we need your help in gathering Silent Auction items for the Jazz It Up event on April 1st, 2017. I have letters for businesses and tax¬†exempt info if you’re willing to reach out to local businesses with us? Please contact me as needed.

Important dates to remember,

  • Super Sneaker has begun again, make sure you check dates and your kiddos have sneakers on that day! haha no one likes running in boots ūüėČ
  • PCCPTA Family Fun Day in the Park is November 13th, 11 AM-3 PM
  • The Great American Teach-In is November 16th. Be a part of it, if you can!
  • JDRF Walk-A-Thon is also November 16th, turn in your packets
  • The Spanish Dept and PME have organized an Event at Painting with a Twist on November 17th. It’s adults only and is sure to be a lot of fun ūüôā Sign up on Dojo!
  • Thanksgiving Break starts November 21st! Enjoy time with family and friends ‚̧



Happy Fall Everyone!

The Fantastic Fall weather has arrived! I love this time of year ūüėČ

Thank you to all the volunteers and to everyone that came out to the Galactic Fall Festival on October 15th. We had a lot of fun and we hope you did too!

THANK YOU for your BOX TOPS so far this year! We have collected, sorted and counted out just about 10,000 Box Tops!! We will be getting a check back for $1000.00 for the school. Keep saving throughout the year, we will be collecting again in the Spring.

Mrs. Timson’s class won a Popcorn or Popsicle Party for collecting the most Box Tops!

Thursday November 10th is the Third Grade sponsored Teachers and Staff Luncheon. Third Grade parents will be receiving an email for the Sign Up Genius link, one week prior,¬†on Nov 3rd. The theme is Hawaiian Luau ūüėČ just to change it up!!

We will still be accepting any Fall Fundraiser envelopes and any PTA Membership forms throughout the year, so please don’t feel it’s too late to donate or join. I will try and get your PTA membership cards home so you can register online to receive available discounts through Florida PTA.

Mrs. Wark & Mrs. Search’s class won the Class Pizza Party for overall Fall Fundraiser participation with 11 out of 18 students/families donating!

Mrs. Mayhew’s and Mrs. Schemel’s Classes both won¬†a Popcorn or Popsicle Party for being the¬†classrooms with 50% participation¬†with students/families donating!

Perkins T-Shirts are available for $10 (child or adult sizes) through the order form postcards at the front desk as well. If we are out of your choice, we will contact you.

This is the time of year that PTA takes a short break in activities and PME¬†has some school events. Look for info on Barnes and Noble night that’s coming up soon! It’s a great way to get some Christmas shopping done and support PME at the same time.

Our next big event is the Jazz It Up Live & Silent Auction (for adults only) at the Gulfport Casino on April 1st! There’s an “adult beverage hour,” live music and¬†great food along with many live (major classroom projects/furniture) and silent auction items to bid on. We will start the planning and gathering of silent auction donation items and certificates soon. If you would like to be a part of it, please watch for info on a Sign Up Genius link in the near future. Contact me anytime if you need more info or have questions.

Thanks in advance for your help this year!


Fall Festival 10/15

Fall Festival is shaping up to be a lot of fun this year! We’ve been scheduled since summer with BayBounce to provide some fun inflatables for the kids. We have the fabulous Betty Nolan Perez from Tampa Bay Productions painting faces and Melissa Sarieka Almariei from Caricature Hut making us all look like Star Wars characters! Swing by the Photo-booth provided by Michael Viegas Photography (Mrs Viegas’s husband) afterwards to get some great pictures with friends to take home!

Kona Ice will be there to cool us down after Fergs wings, pizza and hotdogs are consumed. Cotton Candy, Popcorn and lollipops along with drinks will be available for purchase too!

Contact Tina Schmidt to participate in the Chili Cook Off! Her email for the chili cook off and salsa competition is Tinaschmidt5@yahoo.com. And all you need to do is make a crockpot of chili to be entered into the contest. There will be prizes and categories will be announced soon! Make sure you try them all

There are some great vendors like Bond Love (check her out on Etsy) handmade wooden magnets, ornaments and signs etc, super soft and comfy Lularoe (HUGE INVENTORY! I saw it today!!!) and Origami Owl signing up for tables along with fun craft tables for the kids.

Get your tickets now through the form at the front desk or just in a marked envelope stating your child’s name and teacher. Tickets are $10 for 25. You’re getting the five extra tickets for free. Just for clarification, you are getting 25 tickets instead of 20 for $10.00.

At the Festival, tickets will be $.50 each. All games will be one (1) ticket but most items can be up to six (6) tickets each, which would be equivalent to $3. That’s a steal for face paint, the photobooth¬†and the caricature artist! We will not accept ¬†for anything PTA but I know our independent vendors will be. Please purchase your tickets¬†accordingly and bring cash or credit card for vendor purchases.

We are doing something a little different this year and every class is decorating a pumpkin for our Perkins Pumpkin Patch Silent Auction being held at Fall Festival. These are¬†various sizes and colored, high quality artificial pumpkins from Michael’s, provided by PTA. Ask your teachers if you can help! We are all so creative at Perkins they should turn out amazing! Make sure to check out (and bid on!!!) your class pumpkin in the Multipurpose Room at the Festival.

Want to be a part of it all?!? Volunteers, if you’re able to help with advanced ticket sales either mornings or afternoons the week prior to the Festival, please email me at dcroteau79@gmail.com.

If you’d to volunteer a little time on the day of, please sign up via this link


Hopefully I haven’t left anything out but hope to see you there!

Fall Festival is Coming!

Within a month, the Fall Festival will be here! It’s a fun time of year for Perkins. If you haven’t been, please mark your calendars to be able to attend. This Sign up Genius link will be emailed to all of the families of Perkins within a few days but I figured we could get a head start on it! http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0444afac29a02-galactic1

Each class is decorating a pumpkin for our Pumpkin Patch! Please ask your child’s teacher if you can help with the project. There will be a silent auction held at the Festival for each pumpkin. Monies raised will go directly to the school and classrooms.

Info will be coming home in your child’s backpack for advanced ticket sales and vendor opportunities. Please check their backpacks in the next few days. We will be selling tickets for Fall Fest at drop off and pick up, outside the office, from 10/7-10/14/2016.

We will be at the PTA T-Shirt and Ticket Table collecting Fundraiser envelopes, the deadline is 9/30 but we are always hoping to collect donations to meet our Budget goals. We can also collect PTA membership applications, Adopt-A-Class sheets, BOX TOPS and answering any questions you have concerning PTA. We hope to hear from you and see you there!

Thanks so much!

Such a busy past few weeks!

Thanks to those of you that came to the first PTA Meeting of the year, last Tuesday. We value your time and appreciate you making an effort to attend. We had 22 parents that were Level II fingerprinted through EZ Fingerprint Systems. That’s great news for our school! More involved parents means a better Perkins experience for all, especially the kids. Showing them that you have interest in their education and¬†want to be a part of their school days is invaluable. It will have¬†a life-long positive affect on them.

Today was the first Teacher and Staff luncheon, sponsored by¬†5th grade parents.¬†Thank you¬†to the volunteers that came out to set up¬†and clean up. Barbara, Erin and I could not have done it without you today ūüôā you were such a big help…

Mary Martynow & Michelle Robinson!

Of course, thank you also to the parents that donated food, time and money to make it all happen. A big THANKS to Nikki Leonardi just because she’s awesome haha

Our Fall Fundraiser is coming along. The end of the fundraiser is September 30th but we will be accepting donations throughout the year. The classes that have 75% participation get a popcorn party and the class with 100% participation will have a pizza party. Please consider sending in a donation (no amount¬†is too small) and also signing up to be a member of the PTA. It’s only¬†$5.00. We currently have 85 members. I will be sending home your PTA Membership cards¬†with your children in a small white envelope with your name on it. Please look for it in their backpacks/folders. You can register your card at floridapta.org to receive member benefits, like tickets to LEGOLAND for $35.00.

Don’t forget that you can Adopt a Class! Those forms are available in the front office. All funds go directly to that class, to buy things they need throughout the year. I know the teachers really appreciate being able to update their class library and/or buy supplies for projects and¬†snacks for the classroom. Any amount helps!¬†

Mark your calendars for the Fall Festival on October 15th 10am-2pm

See you around ūüôā

I Love September!

I always feel like the month of September is when things settle in and become more routine, as far as school is concerned. The kiddos know where they are going and what they should be doing by now (hopefully) and the teachers are learning the classes general “personality” to move forward in the planning of this year.

So if the kids and the teachers know what they are doing, what about US? The Parents?

When my oldest began Kindergarten, I didn’t know what¬† to do with my new daytime freedom, I only work nights. Lunch dates were scheduled with old friends and shopping was done without dragging my little one along. It was awesome! I even got a massage and a manicure now and again. Things are busier now though. My oldest is in Thurgood Middle School and I don’t seem to have as much time between drop off and pick up now, especially with car-circle craziness!

So I feel I need to make a “school checklist” for the month of September and stay organized.¬†Mine looks like this;

  • Bring in unwanted clothes, shoes and backpacks to put in the Go Green recycling bins on campus¬†either¬†in the courtyard or in car circle
  • Bring in BOX TOPS that were collected over the summer (deadline is¬†October 15th!)
  • Classroom Wish List Items/Forgotten School Supplies,¬†both schools
  • Lunch Money account paid up, for both schools
  • Sign Up to be a Volunteer at the Middle School
  • PTA membership¬†(it’s only¬†$5.00 at Perkins, it’s $8 at Thurgood)
  • Adopt-A-Class¬†(I can give a little more since Bella is in Middle School now)
  • Fall Fundraiser¬†ends 9/30 (I only have one kid here at Perkins now! Yay it’s only $35)
  • Spanish Donation ($10)
  • Do we need new Perkins Shirts ($10) or PME Swag?
  • Check the school website, the PTA Blog ūüėČ and Facebook pages (update mine and watch the schools)¬†for upcoming events/happenings to stay in the loop.
  • Makes sure I can log into Class Dojo as well (this is a BIG new way to communicate with the school/parents!)

Seriously my list is a lot longer but you get the idea¬† ūüôā Do you have a checklist? You should!

I know there’s school pictures coming up 9/1 and a PTA General Meeting 9/6 with Level II Fingerprinting. Here’s the link for that,


Sign Up Genius is how we sign up for all PTA volunteer positions throughout the year¬†here at Perkins.¬†The teachers use it for class parties and events as well. Please log in and become familiar with it!¬†¬†The first Teachers¬†& Staff Luncheon is sponsored by 5th Grade parents and is on September 8th. All 5th grade parents should be getting the Sign Up Genius link emailed to them, if not, please make sure your email address is correct with the school. Here’s the¬†link for the 5th Grade Sponsored Luncheon just in case,


I hope everyone was able to attend Open House this last Tuesday, despite the insane weather! We sold a bunch of t-shirts, met a lot of new parents and answered PTA related questions. It was really great meeting all of you!